Valuing Accountancy Practices and Professions

In valuing professions and white collar service businesses I observe an emerging trend to place less reliance on traditional rules of thumb and an increasing reliance on establishing value based on a multiple of Future Read more

Do You Ever Think About What Your Business Might Be Worth?

Step 1 – Adjusting The Accounting Profit The process of establishing a value or market price for businesses is structured and evidence based. In the first instance the profit of the business, be it dry cleaning or any Read more

Advantages Of The Franchising System

Advantages Of The Franchising System - comments from GMO Franchise Broker Karen Walsh There are countless benefits to becoming a Franchisee, which is why Franchising is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Australian economy. Here Read more
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3 Principles Of Timing The Sale Of Your Business

Selling your business for maximum value is an enormous accomplishment. Whilst a good business broker can assist you, it’s also a feat that rests squarely on the shoulders of the owner. The business broker cannot Read more

Will Selling Your Business Fund Your Retirement?

This message applies to all business owners: if you expect the sale of your business to fund all or part of your retirement, start planning now. I’ve been speaking and working with private business owners for Read more

Quest Advisory Group

GMO recently presented at a SONDERGAARD accountants client information evening and at this event met the owners of Quest Advisory Group. Daniel and Michael has stepped forward with an interesting package for all our buyers Read more

After Buying A New Business Only The Sky Is The Limit!

After recently facilitating the sale of Flight Experience Perth to Peter and Maritta Chin, I was delighted to attend a corporate team building event. Upon arrival, myself and fellow budding “pilots” were unaware of the heights Read more

Sellable Business or Job?

Do you own a sellable business or a business which just gives you a job? With all the effort, responsibility and risk involved in ownership you had better be building the latter. Maybe it’s time to Read more

3 Reasons Besides Selling To Get A Business Valuation

There’s a hard truth about business valuation in general: Most business owners have no idea what a buyer would pay for their business. A business valuation is something that many business owners think of as unnecessary Read more



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