Privacy Policy & IMS

GMO WA business Brokers carries on business as a licensed business broker and in that capacity collects personal information that we believe necessary to deliver our services or products or otherwise for our primary business functions and/or activities.

We understand how important it is to keep any details that would identify the business away from its suppliers, competitors and staff. After all, security breaches can be just as harmful to the new buyer as they are to the current owner. That’s why we require every potential purchaser to sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving any identifying details of the business being sold.

Potential purchasers will only see the businesses that meet their specific requirements. Sellers only receive genuine offers from bona fide buyers.

GMO Information Management System (GMO IMS) User Policy, Responsibility Statement and Code of Ethics


Partners who use the GMO Information Management System (GMO IMS) and each User within any Partner Agency are bound by various restrictions regarding Client information.

It is a Client’s decision what personal information, if any, is entered into the GMO IMS. The Client Release of Information and Informed Consent form (“Client Release of Information”) shall be signed by the Client before any identifiable Client information is entered into the GMO IMS User shall insure that, prior to obtaining the Client’s signature, the Client Release of Information form was fully reviewed with the Client in a manner reasonably calculated to ensure the client understood the information, and User will verify that the Client has had the opportunity to ask questions and that steps were taken as needed to assist the client in fully understanding the information. (e.g.: securing a translator if necessary).


Users must be prepared to answer Client questions regarding the GMO IMS

Users must faithfully respect Client preferences with regard to the entry and sharing of Client information within the GMO IMS

Users must accurately record Client’s preferences by making the proper designations as to sharing of Client information and/or any restrictions on the sharing of Client information.

Users must allow the Client to opt in or out of releasing information for entry into the GMO IMS and changes to his/her information sharing preferences upon request. The Client Revocation of Consent form must be on file if the Client revokes consent to share his or her personal data.

Users must not refuse services to a Client, or potential Client, if that Client refuses to allow entry of personal information into the GMO IMS or to share personal information with other agencies via the GMO IMS  

The User has primary responsibility for information entered by the User. Information that Users enter must be truthful, accurate and complete to the best of User’s knowledge.

Users will not solicit from, or enter information about, Clients into the GMO IMS unless the information is required for a legitimate business purpose, such as providing services to the Client, and/or is required by the program funder.

Users will not use the GMO IMS database for any violation of any law, to defraud any entity or to conduct any illegal activity. Upon Client written request, Users must allow a Client to inspect and obtain a copy of the Client’s own information maintained within the GMO IMS Information compiled in reasonable anticipation of, or for use in, a civil, criminal or administrative action or proceeding need not be provided to the Client.


Your username and password give you access to the GMO IMS Users are also responsible for obtaining and maintaining their own security certificates in accordance with the Agency Partner Agreement. All Users will be responsible for attending a Washington State Department of Commerce (Commerce) approved training class prior to their first use of the GMO IMS Furthermore, all Users will be expected to attend a Commerce approved training class at least once every other year to ensure their understanding and acquisition of new material pertaining to the GMO IMS

Please place a check in each box below to indicate your understanding and acceptance of the proper use of GMO IMS access. READ CAREFULLY. Failure to uphold the confidentiality standards set forth below is grounds for immediate termination from GMO IMS access and may result in disciplinary action from the Partner Agency as defined in the Partner Agency’s personnel policies.

Please read these statements carefully.

I agree to maintain the confidentiality of Client information in the GMO IMS in the following manner:

My username and password are for my use only and will not be shared with anyone.

I will read and abide by the GMO IMS Client Release of Information I will not use the browser capacity to remember passwords.

I will enter the password each time I open GMO IMS

I will take reasonable means to keep my password physically secure.

I will only view, obtain, disclose, or use the database information that is necessary to perform my job.

I understand that the only individuals who may directly access GMO IMS Client information are authorized Users.

To prevent casual observers from seeing or hearing GMO IMS Client information:

I will log off the GMO IMS before leaving my work area.

I will not leave any computer or electronic device that has the GMO IMS “open and running” unattended.

I will keep my computer monitor or electronic device positioned so that persons not authorized to use the GMO IMS cannot view it.

I will not transmit confidential client information in email form.

I will store hard copies of GMO IMS information in a secure file and not leave such hard copy information in public view on my desk, on a photocopier, printer or fax machine.

I will properly destroy paper copies of GMO IMS information when they are no longer needed unless they are required to be retained in accordance with applicable law.

I will not discuss GMO IMS confidential Client information with staff, Clients, or Client family members in a public area.

I will not discuss GMO IMS confidential Client information on the telephone in any areas where the public might overhear my conversation.

I will not leave messages on my agency’s answering machine or voicemail system that contains GMO IMS confidential Client information.

I will keep answering machine volume low ensuring GMO IMS confidential information left by callers is not overheard by the public or unauthorized persons

I will not transmit client identifying information via email.

I understand that a failure to follow these security steps appropriately may result in a breach of Client GMO IMS confidentiality and GMO IMS security.

If such a breach occurs, my access to the GMO IMS may be terminated and I may be subject to further disciplinary action as defined in the partner agency’s personnel policy.

If I notice or suspect a security breach, I will immediately notify the GMO and all other immediate users.