Tips For Selling A Business

Some people think it would be easy to sell a business, but in fact, it is a very complicated and risky business. It's no secret that you would like to sell your business for the highest Read more

Tips For Buying a Business

When it comes to the decision to buy a business, there are many factors to consider. Not only do you need to choose the correct type of industry suitable for your needs, but you also need Read more

While some Perth suburbs are battling after the boom, others are thriving

While some Perth suburbs are battling after the boom, others are thriving ABC News’ Briana Shepherd has written the below article, highlighting the areas of Perth that are batting post-boom or thriving in its wake. Interesting Read more

WA Retailers Are Looking On The Bright Side

According to a recent survey conducted by the Commonwealth Bank, W.A retailers are looking through rose-coloured glasses for the year ahead!   The survey shows that one-third of W.A retailers expect an improved market in the 2017/17 Read more

WA reviews pharmacy ownership laws

Will the invasion of big chains undermind the quality of care and service provided by community pharmacies?    Business News Western Australia has recently published the below article regarding the review of WA pharmacy ownership laws. It Read more

Chinese Tourist Numbers To Triple By 2026!

Chinese poised to overtake Kiwis as Australia's biggest tourism market The below article by Kristy Sexton-McGrath and staff from ABC News, is an interesting insight into Australian tourism trends. It's interesting to note the enormous growth predicted over Read more


National Wholesaler/Importer Over 50 year history. Non food products. Value $1 million - $1.5 million Register your interest with Dennis Brede. Please phone 0418 520 089 or email W.A. Building Industry Supplier/Installer Over $10 million sales per annum. High Read more

Don’t get Caught by Cyber Crime!

In our previous Cyber safety blog, we discussed the types of Cyber-attacks to be wary of, in an age of continuous technological developments. Being aware of the potential threats is key to protecting your business, finances Read more

The Invisible Invader

Not unlike the flu, it seems the moment we get over the previous attack, Cyber-attacks reform in a stronger, more aggressive fashion.   With the ever-present and ongoing issue of Cyber Safety, it’s always important to stay Read more



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