If you are trying to find a business for sale in Western Australia, you have come to the right place. GMO is WA’s number one business broker and with a team of 18 experienced, specialists by your side you can count on the best possible guidance on your journey in finding the best business fit for you.

Owning a business in WA is certainly something to be considered. It’s a resource-rich region, with boundless wealth to share and with three billion others in the same economic zone, the opportunities for you are endless. With people arriving in droves, and in no hurry to leave, there is great opportunity to create wealth. Not to mention the climate is welcoming, the perfect culture for optimists!

In our portfolio, you will find a wide diversity of business listings across all sectors and in a variety of price ranges. As your partner, we will guide you through the process of buying your future business in Western Australia and helping you ‘own your future’.

Businesses for sale in Perth and beyond

Looking at Perth, or actually Western Australia as a State, you will find that there is much potential in every aspect. It’s a great place to live, explore, raise your kids and build your business. Both the local communities as the tourism industry are blooming which makes it very prosperous for you as a (future) business owner.

We have a vast amount of businesses for sale in Western Australia, meaning you can find businesses for sale in Perth, Fremantle, Margaret River, Bunbury, Busselton, Augusta, Mandurah, and many other cities! Our catalog of business listings is constantly growing and evolving, so be sure to have a look once in a while to check whether we have new businesses for sale in the area of your choice.

Small businesses for sale and more

One of our specialties is seeking out small business opportunities in Perth. We have many buyers on our books, who are looking for small profitable businesses for sale, and we make every effort to find them the best possible business through our buyer agency service. When looking to buy a small business you typically purchase only the assets of the business for sale such as stock, machines, and goodwill. You are generally not required to purchase liabilities; however, you may choose to purchase the business at a reduced price with the liabilities included. Purchasing a small business is not necessarily easier than purchasing a larger company which is why our specialists are the perfect avenue for your purchase.

At GMO, we sell a multifaceted portfolio of businesses across all sectors. Our businesses for sale range from retail outlets, hospitality establishments, and restaurants, to mining, service-related and information technology companies. Buying a business is a long-term commitment in which you want to find reliable partners in every aspect. At GMO we mainly focus on WA, meaning you’ll find lots of businesses for sale in Perth, Fremantle, and many other cities in the state of Western Australia. Whatever you are looking for: you name it, we’ve got it.

Buy a business instead of starting your own

Buying a business eliminates the worry of initial setup plans and allows you to jump into a functioning entity. An existing business has existing customers and relationships as well as a reputation. When you buy a business, the financial positives have the opportunity to bear fruit soon after transaction because the business is hopefully already generating cash flow and is potentially profitable.

Starting a business is fraught with risk, and many startup businesses fail. Startup deals often include unknowns such as the possibility of the business to turn a profit. There is much lesser risk of this occurring when buying an existing business

GMO business broker as your partner for buying a business in WA

With an unprecedented reputation to protect, you will find us making a point of providing you with the best possible documentation – and should any queries arise, we’ll do our utmost to provide you with definite answers when it comes to buying a business in WA.

Our knowledgeable and experienced brokers will support you through all steps of buying a business from the search, to understanding the value of a business. Once an offer on your chosen business has been made we go through all aspects of a business in a process of due diligence, including finances, taxes, assets, and contracts to ensure the value of the business is correctly determined, along with any potential risks.

You can be confident that GMO’s brokers are the right people for you to partner with whilst positioning you to become a proud new business owner.

The complete guide to buying a business for sale

Embarking on the journey of buying a business is potentially a time-consuming process, and it’s best to have experienced specialists guide you through. GMO highly recommends you research your chosen industry prior to making the decision to buy a small business, in some circumstances, it may be preferable to do a short course or speak to existing business owners. It’s imperative, that your chosen business is the right business for you thus ensuring that you’re provided with comprehensive documentation and that due diligence is thorough.