Don’t get Caught by Cyber Crime!

In our previous Cyber safety blog, we discussed the types of Cyber-attacks to be wary of, in an age of continuous technological developments. Being aware of the potential threats is key to protecting your business, finances Read more

The Invisible Invader

Not unlike the flu, it seems the moment we get over the previous attack, Cyber-attacks reform in a stronger, more aggressive fashion.   With the ever-present and ongoing issue of Cyber Safety, it’s always important to stay Read more

Here’s The Good News!

Perth-based 'Austal' does it again! In an exclusive article in The Australian, written by Brendan Nicholson, it becomes clearer than ever before, that Austal is one of Australia's best! With a history of success in the shipbuilding industry, Austal has Read more
Close-up of a the hand of thief stealing the wallet to a woman. Thief stealing wallet from back pocket of a woman.

Look Who Is Pinching WA’s GST?

According to the Commonwealth Grants Commission, and recently published in 'The Australian', it seems that WA is drawing the short straw when it comes to GST!  * * * For every ONE dollar taxed, here is the Read more

There’s Nothing So-So About ‘ISO’

What is ISO? ISO is a non-Governmental organisation that comprises 162 national standards bodies. What does this mean? The 162 national standards bodies forming one independent organisation means that a vast collection of experts share knowledge, developments and Read more
Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

The Ins & Outs of Vendor Finance

Whether you are buying or selling a business, Vendor Finance can play an important role in the success of the business transaction. What is Vendor Finance? As the name suggests, Vendor Finance is Finance supplied by the Read more
Two young business working on their laptop While sitting in a cafe Talking serious with work. Business life concept. portrait of two business people discussing new project in coffee shop. Close-up

457 Visas

How recent changes affect the Seller, Buyer and Worker in a subject business affected by 457 visas.   What is the 457 visa? Introduced by the Howard Government in 1996, the 457 ‘Temporary work (skilled)’ visa was an Read more

Newsagents’ Shift into Digital Dealing

An August article written by Stephen Brook for The Australian highlights some new technological changes to the Newsagency game.   "Matt Handbury, the nephew of Rupert Murdoch, is overseeing the expansion of Blueshyft, a countertop tech platform that turns Read more

Don’t Bank on the Bank as a Drawcard

Fewer people visiting bank premises means less foot traffic! “ Retailers and hospitality traders who are expecting high foot traffic generated in strip retail locations by the local bank branches to be continued are now being Read more



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