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A Contract of Sale for a business acquisition is a serious document requiring expertise of professionals to ensure your wishes are precisely transcribed into the agreement.

Working in co-operation with your accountants and solicitors, we can utilise the 12-page Real Estate Institute of WA Business Sales Agreement documentation.

GMO’s brokers are experienced in using these forms. As a matter of interest our expertise was called upon for the development of this specialised agreement, so you can be sure the documentation for your purchase will be produced properly and professionally with your objectives in mind.

One of the prime reasons for purchasing a business through GMO is that we act as an intermediary with whom you can discuss the pros and cons of a business in relation to your needs. Our role is to then provide the expertise that facilitates negotiations and brings a finalisation of the purchase. Once your decision is made to acquire a particular business, we will relay your wishes by preparing an Offer to Purchase document. This outlines any conditions of purchase you may wish to make.

Your conditions will be put to paper meticulously in a form established by REIWA’s solicitors to be mutually beneficial – for protecting the interests of both Buyer and Seller. Your offer will be prepared and presented to reflect your conditions and instructions. Once you are satisfied with how your offer is presented, it will then be relayed to the Seller.

Having put thousands of business agreements to bed, the development of satisfactory Contracts of Sale is a feature of GMO’s service that we take great pride in. Our track record in document preparation is exemplary.



While GMO is happy to assist you in purchasing a business, it should be remembered that we act for – and our remuneration is paid by The Seller.