National Wholesaler/Importer

  • Over 50 year history.
  • Non food products.

Value $1 million – $1.5 million

Register your interest with Dennis Brede.

Please phone 0418 520 089 or email

W.A. Building Industry Supplier/Installer

  • Over $10 million sales per annum.
  • High profitability.

Value $2.8 million – $3.5 million

Register your interest with Dennis Brede.

Please phone 0418 520 089 or email

National Manufacturer – Wholesaler

  • Supplies quality assured, proven products to aging population Australia-wide for over 30 years.
  • Under management.
  • Consistent high profitability.

Approximate Value $4 million – $5 million

Register your interest with Dennis Brede.

Please phone 0418 520 089 or email

National Manufacturer – Own Brand

  • Over 60 year history.
  • Profitable.
  • Specialised with top proven brands.
  • Seeking a partner to expand in Australia and overseas

Register your interest with Dennis Brede.

Please phone 0418 520 089 or email

Specialised Software Developer and Nationwide Supplier

  • Market leader!
  • Australian-developed software product supplying to loyal clientele all over Australia.

Price $2.4 million

Strictly by appointment only, contact Wilna Fourie.

Please phone 0422 501 628 or email

Virtual Outsourcing Employment Agency

  • Business returning increasing sales and profits.
  • Huge scale for growth.
  • Unique business.
  • Can be operated remotely with minimal owner involvement.

Price $285,000

Register your interest with Wilna Fourie.

Please phone 0422 501 628 or email

Quality Licensed Premises Coming to the Market in 2018

  • One of WA’s most famous pubs from where the sun always shines and the customers live above the economy (leasehold). Funds required $1 – 2 million
  • Liquor store (freehold) – same owners since 1974. Margins other store owners can only dream about. Funds required $1.5 – 2 million
  • Entry level western suburbs liquor store partnership split. Great wine store. Funds required approx. $500,000
  • South West Resort Management Rights. Plus strategic strata titles within complex. Funds required $1.5 – 2 million
  • Successful South West Freehold Hotel. Strategic land holding. Funds required $4 – 5 million
  • Liquor store coastal resort town. Monopoly position. History of solid trading.  Funds required $500,000 – 800,000

Register your interest with Murray Brown.

Please phone 0438 954 701 or email


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