Perth’s Most Popular Wholesale Boutique Bakery

Hospitality, Retail
| Owner Operator
| Perth Metro
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175,000 PSAV



Daniel Ashton

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Supplying over 60 of Perth’s premium cafes and gourmet supermarkets every week, as well as ‘Direct to the Public’ and 20,000 loyal followers!

Recognising a massive gap in the market for a truly SUGAR-FREE product that looks and tastes amazing, resulted in the inception of this specialty bakery which has quickly established a `cult following’ amongst the health-conscious, sweet-toothed people Perth! The founders of this increasingly popular bakery have formulated an extensive product list that continues to be the first choice for people with specific dietary requirements including diabetes, Coeliac, low carb (Keto), Vegan and sugar-free.

Their growth and loyal following has occurred with their quality products that have been refined and perfected over several years.

This business has solid brand/market awareness along with a vibrant social media following.

All of the hard work has been done, and with growing revenues, it is primed for a new owner to reap the benefits.

· Fully automated ordering systems and procedures for customers
· Profitable with growing revenues
· Baked to order, with minimal wastage
· Outstanding social media reviews
· Fully fitted out with no further equipment required
· Favourable lease with generous terms

A renowned professional distributor takes care of the wholesale customer orders, including delivery and invoicing.

All specialised equipment has the ability for an increase in production as currently only being utilised at approximately 60% of capacity.

Strong demand from the Eastern States allows for potential growth and expansion.

Staff are fully trained, and baking is completed during the day, so no early morning starts.

Well-documented procedures and manuals, along with staff that perform with minimal supervision, will make the transition into this business a smooth one.

As a new owner, you will ideally have a passion for customer satisfaction in a food environment and enjoy working with a small team to deliver quality service. Although branding and marketing have delivered growth, some marketing in your role would assist going forward.

With two separate revenue streams under the one well-positioned premises, you will see this business has all of the ingredients to make it a success.

We politely request that all enquiries are directed to the broker, Daniel Ashton. Please refrain from contacting the business directly.

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A respected Business Broker, Daniel knows the importance of his role when buying and selling businesses. A born entrepreneur, Daniel has extensive experience as a successful business owner, director and franchisee.With a passion for investment and business analysis, he has an innate ability to identify a business’s strengths and partner it with the correct buyer.Daniel has a strong interest and proven experience in the private sale, acquisition and divestment of high-market businesses in various sectors.Experienced hospitality, service and franchise business brokerDuring his years gaining experience as a Business Broker, Daniel has specialized himself in several areas which makes him the go-to business broker in the hospitality, service and franchise industry. As a franchise business broker Daniel has booked many successes mediating sales between well-known chain companies and ambitious business owners. As a hospitality and service business broker Daniel has a track record of establishing sales which maximizes results for all parties involved. Choosing Daniel as your business broker will guarantee satisfying results.

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