Iconic Country Pub


Iconic Country Pub

GMO ref 6326

The historic country hotel/motel which is fully leased provides a great investment opportunity.

  • The hotel/motel is securely leased by an experienced hands on hotelier who runs a successful business operation.
  • There are four (4) Certificates of Title and the land area comprises 3,630 square meters.
  • The hotel/motel is a more country than an outback hotel motel and is only three (3) hours drive from Perth.
  • The hotel/motel is on the Wildflower Way route and is host to the Wildflower festival each year.
  • The Sellers are registered for GST and the property and business will be sold as a Going Concern in respect of GST.
  • Offer documentation is available from the selling agent.

Contact Graeme Clarke for more information on this business opportunity:


Graeme Clarke

Graeme is arguably the most experienced Hospitality and Tourism Sales Consultant in Perth and wider Western Australia. Having personally owned and operated hospitality venues, Graeme's familiarity with the in's and out's of the industry, especially the potential external issues you may face, works to your advantage throughout the selling experience. Throughout his 32 years of expertise to, he has built up a substantial and considered database of financially qualified and respected investors, developers and owners of hospitality and tourism properties, giving you the absolute edge when considering the sale of your hospitality or tourism property. Working with dedication, passion and integrity, Graeme is the sound choice when it comes to the sale or leases of any hotel, tavern, motel, resort, nightclub, liquor store, café, restaurant, vineyard, hostel and caravan park in Western Australia.