Service Business For Sale

When looking for service businesses for sale the opportunities and possibilities are truly endless. From dry cleaning businesses to large law firms and from a buying a gymnasium to a liquor store and everything in between. Depending on your expertise, interest and passions, market availability, budget and desired location, as WA’s number one business broker we will guide you through the process of finding the perfect fit for you. Whilst always ensuring all the appropriate information is made available to you, by our experienced and
knowledgeable consultants.

Service businesses for sale in Perth and surroundings

One of the leading economies in Perth and Western Australia is the ever-booming service industry. Our state has a huge need for a variety of service businesses across all industries imaginable. We regularly list a range of service businesses for sale and all have a potential for steady growth, helping you to become your own boss and take control of your future. Due to the large scope of service businesses required in Perth and its surrounding regions, it’s completely possible that you can align with your existing passions and interests ensuring you love what you do every single day!

GMO’s expertise in the Service industry

Since our inception, we’ve created an unrivaled and enviable history of pairing the right service business opportunities with the right buyers. To us, service business broking is so much more than the simple task of taking a business’s details and creating a listing for it and simply finding someone to purchase it. It’s our mission to understand every current and historical aspect of the service businesses for sale in our portfolio, to ensure that they are purchased with purpose, clarity and meets the buyers’ goals and expectations long into the future. We sell and market our service business listings based on the strengths and opportunities of the service business to ensure you’re acutely aware of the potential of the service business for sale. Expert and professional help can really make a difference in how to value a service business for sale, and the opportunities that await.

Our experienced team holds extensive knowledge and experience in the service industry. With 11 service business brokers we’re sure we have the right person in house to guide you through your business purchase or sale.

Gary Murphy holds extensive knowledge and experience as a business broker. Gary has been active in the brokers world for over 28 years and has assisted in the sale and purchase of many service businesses.

Con Mast is one of our experienced all-round business brokers. With more than 30 years of experience, Con has seen it all and is the perfect partner to guide you through the process of buying or selling a service business.

Daniel Ashton is your go-to business broker for the service industry. He has specialized himself in this sector and knows it inside out.

Renzo Deleo is an award-winning business owner and a highly respected business broker. Renzo will give you the confidence you need to either sell or buy your business in Perth or beyond.

Vijay Bhuva holds client satisfaction very high, which is clearly shown in the many outstanding reviews he receives. You can count on Vijay to make the process towards your desired outcome smooth.

Diane TerreBlanche is specialized in buying and selling small to medium-sized businesses. With extensive experience in the service business sector, Diane makes a great service business broker.

Ross Wilson in one of our younger business brokers that is very promising. Ross holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics and Management and has also recently completed his qualification as a Real Estate and Business Agent Sales Representative via REIWA

Tony Batista has particular business broking experience and passion for several industries, amongst them the service sector. With over 23 years of experience in both valuing and selling businesses, Tony knows exactly how to guide you through the process.

Dennis Brede specializes in companies with an annual turn over between AUD 2 – AUD 50 million, which makes him your ideal partner for buying or selling a medium to a large business in the service industry.

Mehra Kazemi has been in both a buyer and a sellers shoes. This makes that Mehra can guide you through either process based on personal experience and the experience from buying and selling businesses for over a decade on a professional level.

If you want to realise your dream of being your own boss and sharing our great state with the rest of the world, contact our business broking team today.

Things to think about when buying service businesses in Perth

There are many considerations that need to be taken into consideration when buying a service business for sale. Like with any business these include sales, costs, profits, assets, liabilities, tax and any potential ongoing legal issues. You will want to examine the existing business structure and its obligations, business location and potential of the target market prior to making your offer. You will also need to ensure that you are aware of any laws and regulations that your potential service industry business may need to adhere to, or that may affect the way your service business is run now or in the future.

Partnering with a broker such as GMO ensures you’re guided through this process, ensuring that all the critical factors are acknowledged and considered and that the appropriate questions are asked whilst embarking on this exciting journey towards your future.



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