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There are frequently many retail businesses for sale in Perth and wider Western Australia. When looking into purchasing a retail business for sale it can often be overwhelming due to a large number of different business types and products on offer, everything from clothing to toys and homewares to stationery. When considering your options, it’s imperative to consider your past experience, passions, interests, and qualifications to ensure you seek out the best match for you! As Western Australia’s leading business broker we know exactly how to assist you and guide you through the buying process from start to finish.

Retail businesses for sale in Perth and surroundings

The ongoing need for retail businesses in Perth and its surrounds continues, due to an increasing population and its increasing status as a tourist hotspot for locals and foreigners. Despite an increase in online shopping, data shows that consumers still enjoy the interaction of a face to face retail experience.

GMO’s expertise in the retail industry

Our knowledge is second to none when it comes to determining a buyer’s goals and desires to pair them with the ideal retail business for sale. We innately understand the need for the retail industry in Perth, and what qualities those need to possess to ensure they flourish and drive profits. It’s critical to ensure that buyers make informed decisions when it comes to buying a retail business for sale thus cementing the need for us to seek out all relevant information about the business and understand the inner workings of each retail business for sale and its complexities.

Our specialized retail business brokers

Our experienced team holds extensive knowledge and experience in the retail industry. With several retail business brokers we’re sure we have the right person in house to guide you through your business purchase or sale.

Gary Murphy has over 28 years experience as a retail business broker. Although retail is not the only industry Gary has extensive knowledge about, he definitely excels in this department and makes an excellent companion in the process of buying or selling a business.

Diane TerreBlanche is a highly respected and experienced business broker in small to medium size businesses. With years of experience in the retail industry, Diana knows exactly how to guide you in selling or buying your business.

Ross Wilson is one of our younger business brokers but should not be underestimated due to limited experience. Ross is the perfect broker when buying into the retail industry or selling your business in this sector.

Mehra Kazemi has over a decade of experience in the broker industry. Having experience as a business owner himself, Mehra knows the ropes and is able to maximize both the buyer and the sellers result.

In addition to a dedicated team of experienced brokers, we’re proud to offer a strategic and targeted marketing service to any of our clients with a retail business for sale. If you’d like to find out where to begin, contact our team today.

Things to think about when buying a retail business

The importance of ensuring all relevant factors are considered when looking at purchasing a retail business for sale is critical these factors include; sales, location, costs, profits, assets, stock, liabilities, legal issues, and business structure. You will also want to study your potential target market, what drives them and what their buying behaviors are. Considering the enormity of the investment and the amount of information that needs to be processed, using a business broker such as GMO lessens the risk, and smoothens the process.

Retail business in a niche market or a competitive market

When the dream is to have your own retail shop chances are there is a product or industry that you’re passionate about and you want to create your business around that. Whether it’s fashion, children toys/clothing, jewelry, travel or any other industry. An important aspect to consider is how unique your product is: are you serving a niche market or a competitive market? If fashion is your passion, then your competitors are large chains and brands, if you break down your passion to a niche market, it is more likely to stand out. Think for instance about fair trade fashion, or even more specific: bamboo fashion. When looking for a retail business for sale this aspect is one of the most important ones that often is underestimated.

Online versus offline retail market

In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to get around the world wide web. However, it is still very much possible if serving your local community is an important pillar for you. Another motivator can be that you prefer to have a physical place to go to every day and where you can work and meet your clients. When looking for an offline retail business for sale, their online presence and potential is definitely something to consider.

If you’re thinking about buying a retail business or have a retail business for sale, get in touch with our business broking team today for an obligation free consultation.



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