Manufacturing Business For Sale

As you might notice, there are many manufacturing businesses for sale out there. When looking into the market it can be overwhelming in terms of what to look for. What’s for instance a better choice: unique products or mainstream products and what are the effects of one or the other? The goal is finding the best business opportunity for you and this is exactly where we excel at helping you move forward with your dreams!

Manufacturing businesses for sale in Perth and surroundings

With a growing demand for products to be manufactured on home soil, the opportunities when it comes to owning a manufacturing business in Perth and greater WA are endless. Due to this our great state has endless requirements for a variety of manufacturing businesses for both mainstream and unique products. We often list a variety of
manufacturing businesses for sale and all have extreme potential for growth.

GMO’s expertise in the manufacturing industry

As WA’s number one business broker, we’ve continually created the perfect business opportunity for those seeking to buy a manufacturing business for sale. It’s no simple take to pair the perfect buying to the perfect opportunity to them, and we’ve made it our mission to uncover the strengths and passions of all buyers to match them with the manufacturing business that’s going to see the reach the stars. It’s our role to uncover all relevant facts of each and every business so the buyers decisions are clear and informed. We list our manufacturing businesses based on opportunities that they present so the buyer is acutely aware of the opportunities that await them. Using the professional help of a broker ensures that the correct value of the business is offered.

Our manufacturing business brokers

Within our team, we hold a variety of business brokers with each their own specialty. If you’re looking to buy or sell a manufacturing business, we strongly to recommend one of our four manufacturing business brokers:

Gary Murphy has sold over 300 businesses, amongst them a substantial amount of manufacturing businesses. Gary holds extensive knowledge of both the selling and buying process in the sector which makes him an excellent manufacturing business broker.

Vijay Bhuva provides world-class service whilst guiding you through the process of buying or selling a business. Having guided many business owners (to be) in the manufacturing industry, Vijay makes an outstanding broker within this sector.

Tony Batista holds 23+ years of experience in the broker industry. One of Tony’s specialties is the manufacturing industry in which he developed extensive hands-on knowledge that will help you to achieve your desired goal.

Dennis Brede is your go-to manufacturing business broker when looking to buy or sell a medium to large-size business. With extensive experience selling businesses with annual revenues between AUD 2 and AUD 50 million, Dennis makes a great partner for buying or selling businesses of substantial size.

If you want to realise your dream of being your own boss and sharing our great state with the rest of the world, contact our business broking team today.

Things to think about when buying a manufacturing business

Like with all businesses there are certain considerations that need to be factored in when buying a manufacturing business for sale, including sales, costs, profits, assets, liabilities, tax and any legal issues. It’s imperative that all regulatory requirements and laws of the manufacturing industry you are considering are studied and adhered to, and that all relevant qualifications and licenses are obtained.

Manufacturing businesses versus wholesale business

Manufacturing means that you create the product and then on-sell to wholesale and retail accounts and wholesale means you purchase the products from a manufacturer and sell to consumers or retailers. Manufacturing gives you more control over the pricing of your product, increased brand control and gives you the ability to control the quality of your product, however, overall wholesale provides less risk, but less control over pricing and quality. This decision very much applies to the interests and desires of each individual buyers
and we can, of course, assist you in making the right choice for you.

Unique products versus one out of a dozen

The advantages of a unique product are the potential for finding a niche in the market which has the ability to create a monopoly and in turn extreme growth for your manufacturing business. Whereas as more common products do have the advantage of being familiar and easily marketable but also the risk of flooding the market if there’s not demand. Again, this is a decision that needs to be applied to each and every individual situation and one we can guide you through.



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