Health Business For Sale

If you are looking for a health business for sale it’s good a good idea to determine your focus first: are you actually looking for a medical business for sale or rather nutrition, sports or holistic business? In our portfolio, you will find a variety of health businesses for sale and as WA’s preferred business broker we will help you navigate your options and the opportunities to find the best fit for you.

Health businesses for sale in Perth and surroundings

With an increasing population and people’s desire to take care of themselves, there is an endless opportunity when it comes to buying a health business for sale in Perth and wider Western Australia. Consumers are increasingly seeking a preventative approach to health, as well as the traditional treatment-based services. This refers to practices such as physiotherapy, chiropractic care, nutrition and naturopathy as well as kinesiology, massage therapy, and day spas. There is unlimited opportunity for potential business owners to ensure that these services are available to the consumers that seek them.

GMO’s expertise in the health industry

GMO has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to pairing the correct health business for sale with the right buyer. To us, health businesses are an essential part of business landscape thus making it critical that we help guide the right buyer to the helm. With the complexities of owning a health business in WA we ensure that buyers make informed decisions when it comes to buying a health business, furthermore, we make it our mission to thoroughly understand each and every aspect of the health business for sale and its wider industry. Ensuring we are armed with as knowledge as possible to guide the buyer through the process.

Our specialized business brokers in the health industry

Our experienced team holds extensive knowledge and experience in the health industry. With several health business brokers we’re sure we have the right person in house to guide you through your business purchase or sale.

Damien Newnham is GMO’s general manager and a specialized broker in the health industry. With over 15 years experience in the broking industry, Damien gained extensive experience which makes him a perfect partner for buying or selling your business.

Vijay Bhuva has extensive experience in both Europe and Australia as a business owner and business broker and consultant. Choosing Vijay as your partner buying into the health industry or selling your health business guarantees a smooth process with maximum results.

Dennis Brede is a leading business broker with multiple proven success over the past years. Specialized in medium to large businesses, Dennis is your best choice of business broker when purchasing or selling a health business with annual revenue of 2 million or more.

If you want to realize your dream of being your own boss and sharing our great state with the rest of the world, contact our business broking team today.

Things to think about when buying a health business

When considering a purchase of a health business for sale in Perth or surrounds it is highly critical to ensure you’re armed with all of the necessary information that could potentially impact your decision. General things to consider when buying a health business are sales, location, costs, profits, assets, stock, liabilities, legal issues, business structure, the businesses history just to name a few.

Businesses within the health industry must adhere to many strict guidelines and laws of which you will need to ensure you’re competently informed of. Many of them required certain qualifications or certificates.

The difference between traditional medical businesses and holistic health businesses varies greatly when it comes to ownership, qualifications, legalities, and operations. To prevent you from looking at the wrong opportunities and filter them out prior to any time wasting, let GMO guide you through the process.

Holistic businesses, sports businesses, medical businesses…

The health industry is a brought industry and covers many aspects. Next to a medical approach for injuries, physical and/or mental conditions, these days also holistic approaches are more and more considered. Nutrition businesses, holistic businesses, and sports businesses are therefore wonderful and proactive business opportunities for those that want to help make a difference in others’ lives. Let GMO help you on your journey today.



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