Accommodation Business For Sale

From hotels, to motels, to boutique bed & breakfasts. – WA offers a huge, variable selection of accommodation types. Starting your own establishment is always an option of course but why not look into existing accommodation businesses for sale? There are many advantages to buying a running business. As the process of buying an accommodation business can be quite long and challenging, we offer our consultation and guidance along the way.

Accommodation businesses for sale in Western Australia

Western Australia has so much on offer for both local and international tourists, with millions making their way there each and every year. It’s essential that the accommodation supply keeps us with demand and this makes for a great opportunity for future accommodation owners in our state.

Every region of Western Australian offers unique and thrilling experiences that attract varied types of travelers. The wine region of Margaret River, the city life of Perth or one of the many coastal or inland towns are just a few examples of thriving tourist areas. The varied types of accommodation demand by tourists provide an excellent opportunity for growth within this industry and for future accommodation owners.

GMO’s expertise in WA’s accommodation business

GMO, being WA’s leading business broker bring their specific knowledge of purchasing accommodation businesses in Perth and beyond. Not only do we have an innate knowledge of the region, it’s people and its visitors, we understand how and why industries operate and thrive.

Our specialized accommodation and hotel brokers

Damien Newnham has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and has specialized himself as one of our finest hotel brokers.

Con Mast has extensive knowledge of the complete buying and selling process due to his 30+ years of experience. As a hotel broker, Con has successfully closed many deals.

Richard Marr has broad knowledge regarding several business sectors, amongst them the accommodation industry. With over 35 years of experience as both a broker and a licensed valuer, Richard is your ideal partner in both selling or buying a business.

Murray Brown knows the hospitality and accommodation industry like the back of his hand. With over 25 years of experience, Murray has grown to become an outstanding accommodation and hotel broker.

If you’re considering purchasing an accommodation business, contact GMO for the best possible knowledge and guidance.

Things to think about when buying a accommodation business in Perth

Things to think about when buying an accommodation business in WA

There are many things you need to consider when buying an accommodation business in Western Australia. A number of permits and licenses, depending on the services you want to offer and whilst existing businesses may already hold the appropriate permissions it’s essential to check before purchasing. Australian accommodation owners must understand the Australian Consumer Law Fair Trading Act, and in Western Australia, they must also adhere to the Liquor Licensing Act 1998.

When you buy an accommodation business, you often buy a leasehold title and these generally last up to 30 years. For the length of this time, you are generally considered the legal owner of the property and all occupation, health and safety issues.

It’s important to thoroughly do your research on the responsibilities of accommodation business owners in Western Australia prior to embarking on this journey if this is something you’re considering please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable consultants for guidance on this topic.

Once an offer on your chosen accommodation business has been made we then have the ability to go through a process of due diligence, this includes finances, tax, any assets and existing contracts to ensure you’re paying the correct value of the business, and of course, determines any potential risks.

Caravan parks for sale in WA

Within our portfolio of accommodation businesses for sale, we also regularly have caravan parks for sale in Western Australia. Caravan Parks are often purchased by people purchasing their first accommodation business. It has the ability to both provide you with a lifestyle change and own your own future. Camping, caravans and cabins are very popular means of holidaying in our State for both Australian and Overseas tourists. If your dream is to welcome national and international guests and give them an experience in our home state that they will not soon forget than please continue to look at our portfolio of caravan parks for sale in WA.

 If you’re thinking about buying or selling a hospitality or accommodation business, get in touch with our business broking team today for an obligation free consultation.



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