Migration Charges Act 2018 – A Note From Dan Engles

Our respected friend and associate, Dan Engles from Visa Solutions has released the below article outlining the changes due to occur to the Australian work visas. We appreciate Dan’s expertise in this field and as always, encourage all business owners to stay up-to-date and educated on all visa-related changes, especially those who employ staff on working visas.


The Migration (Skilling Australians Fund) Charges Act 2018 and its accompanying regulations will come into effect on 12 August 2018. As a result of the new legislation, employers nominating overseas workers for temporary or permanent skilled work visas are required to contribute to the training of Australians through the Nomination Training Contribution Charge.


This means from 12 August 2018, the Nomination Training Contribution Charge must be paid by the following categories of sponsors or those who have applied to become:

  • A Standard business sponsor; or
  • A temporary work sponsor; or
  • A temporary activities sponsor


Nominations that attract the Nomination Training Contribution Charge are:

  • Subclass 457 Temporary Work Skilled Visa Holder
  • Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa holder or applicant for this visa
  • Subclass 186 Employer Nominated Scheme visa
  • Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa


Please see below for the relevant Nomination Training Contribution Charges:


Subclass 457 and Subclass 482 – Nomination Training Contribution Charge

The nomination training contribution charge will be calculated in the following manner:

Base amount  x  visa period

The base amount for organisations with less than $10m annual turnover is $1200, in any other case, the base amount is $1800.


Visa Period <$10m turnover >$10m turnover
1 year $1200 $1800
2 years $2400 $3600
3 years $3600 $5400
4 years $4800 $7200

*The charge for nomination of the occupation of Minister of Religion under the LA stream is nil.


Subclass 186 and Subclass 187 – Nomination Training Contribution Charge

  • If the annual turnover of the nominating organisation is less than $10m = $3000
  • If the annual turnover of the nominating organisation is more than $10m = $5000
  • The charge for nomination of the occupation of Minister of Religion under the LA stream is nil.

Please note under Migration Law the Nomination Training Contribution Charge is a cost that cannot be recovered to another person e.g. the nominee.

For more information, contact Dan Engles and the team at Visa Solutions. Their knowledge and expertise is highly regarded and we thank them for keeping GMO in the loop with all important Visa-related information. 

Visa Solutions: (08) 9328 2664


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