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GMO is WA’s premier business sales agency, selling WA’s widest portfolio of small, medium, large and corporate businesses. Our businesses for sale range from distribution, manufacturing, technology, service sectors to retail, food, accommodation and hospitality, and through all profit and price ranges. GMO will assist you in buying a business best suited to your needs and budget. Talk to a friendly GMO business broker now so you can change your life and own your future.

Business for sale in Perth and beyond

At GMO, we sell a multifaceted portfolio of businesses across all sectors. Our businesses for sale range from retail outlets, hospitality establishments and restaurants, to mining, service-related and information technology companies. Buying a business is a long-term commitment in which you want to find reliable partners in every aspect. Looking at Perth, or actually Western Australia as a State, you will find that there is much potential in every aspect. It’s a great place to live, explore, raise your kids and build your business. Both the local communities as the tourism industry are blooming which makes it very prosperous for you as a (future) business owner.

Small business opportunities in Perth

One of our specialities is seeking out small business opportunities in Perth. We have many buyers on our books, who are looking for small profitable businesses for sale, and we make every effort to find them the best possible business through our buyer agency service. When looking to buy a small business you typically purchase only the assets of the business for sale such as stock, machines and goodwill. You are generally not required to purchase liabilities; however, you may choose to purchase the business as a reduced price with the liabilities included. Purchasing a small business is not necessarily easier than purchasing a larger company which is why our specialists are the perfect avenue for your purchase.

Franchise businesses for sale Perth and WA

We offer a range of franchise businesses for sale to suit a variety of business venture requirements. With 30 years’ experience in selling niche businesses and franchises, you can count on us to help you find the best fit for you. The advantages of buying a franchise business are that you enter a relationship with an established brand, product or service that can provide you with initial training and support and with access to proven procedures and systems. Franchise businesses are a wonderful opportunity for those of you that have little or even no business experience.

Find the right business opportunity for you

Looking to buy a business but not sure which sector is for you? Our experienced specialists can help you narrow the search down by spending valuable time with you and looking at your education, previous experience and passions. We will guide you to make the correct decision for you and first steps into ‘owning your future’.

Due diligence

When buying a business, due diligence ensures you have access to vital information about the business for sale. We thoroughly go through all aspects of all businesses for sale, including finances, taxation, assets, existing contracts to ensure the value of the business is correctly determined, along with any associated risks.

Partner with GMO Buy a Business when acquiring your next profitable venture

GMO is the largest and most established business broking agency in Western Australia, offering a buying and selling service for small to medium size businesses. As Perth’s preferred business brokers, we are referred by accountants, bankers, law firms and Western Australian migration agents. Clients looking for a business for sale in Perth are given hands-on assistance by our team of experienced professionals. Our business valuation network operates Australia-wide, producing business valuations for banks, family court and partnership successions. Contact GMO today for more information.

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