Freehold Tavern W.I.W.O.


Freehold Tavern W.I.W.O.

(GMO Ref. 6036)

This commercial freehold property comprises approximately 7,149m² of site area on a strata plan with 8 unit entitlements. Walk In Walk Out

7 of the unit entitlements belong to the property offered for sale. The remaining entitlement belongs to the Totalisator Agency Board.

The property features a licensed tavern which is currently under a lease agreement which expires in October 2018.

The current tenant has elected not to extend the lease post expiration date.

As of October 2018, there will be no entity, other than the freehold proprietor, with an interest in the property.

The property is located in a prominent and highly visible location which accommodates a comprehensive mix of community minded facilities.

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Con Mast

Con Mast was awarded the title of Western Australian Business Broker of the year by REIWA in 2001. With a Bachelor in Psychology Degree and a background in market research and organizational surveys, Con has been a business broker for over 29 years and has vast experience in selling businesses across several industries. Con has also developed and interest and expertise in business valuations.

Con's Recent Sales Success:
  • SOLD: Property Management - $925,000
  • SOLD: Licensed Post Office - $330,000
  • SOLD: Tavern - $650,000
  • SOLD: Service - $2,050,000
  • SOLD: Real Estate - $180,000
  • SOLD: Service (Oil and Gas) - $5,000,000
  • SOLD: Wholesale - $1,630,000
  • SOLD: Retail (Clothing) - $160,000
  • SOLD: Service - $7,800,000
  • SOLD: Service (Earthmoving) - $500,000

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