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REIWA business listings now have one hundred GMO listings posted.

by Administrator 17. February 2012 18:13

Check out www.reiwa.com.au and go to business listings. You will find over 100 businesses listed with GMO WA's Business Broker, on site !

reiwa.com.au is WA's most popular property for sale site, easliy outperforming Domain and realestate.com.au

 GMO is proud to be a REIWA member and GMO managing director Graham O'Hehir is an active committee member of the REIWA business sales chapter.


About the Author

Graham O'Hehir is one of WA's most experienced business agents and mergers and acquisition specialists. graham O'hehir is also one of WA's most popular business valuers and completes approximately 70 business valuation reports each year including valuations for family court , partnership admissions and selected banking valuation reports.

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    Office Address
    1310 Hay Street
    West Perth
    Western Australia 6005

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 282
    West Perth
    Western Australia 6872

    P: +61 8 9481 4422
    F: +61 8 9481 4441
    E: info@buyabusiness.com.au